Homebrew competition: Bockbier festival! (ended)

We already announced this competition through our e-mail list but forgot to post it to our website… oops! Our next Foebar Homebrew Competition will take place during our meeting on the 10th of October. Whilst a few weeks earlier than tradition, the theme will be Bockbier Festival!

We have chosen to make this a restricted style competition. You can choose from a large range of beers to brew (see the list below) but instead of getting creative you are challenged to brew the best example of your chosen style as possible. Read the guide lines well and make sure your beer has the right colour, uses the right malts and hops, make sure you hit all the gravities, and the ABV is style appropriate. We will use the recently released BJCP beer style guidelines (BJCP 2021) to determine if a beer is a good example.

So why did we choose to do a restrictive competition?

First of all, it’s a great challenge to colour in between the lines. You will want to show that you can brew exactly what you intended to brew. German beers tend to be quite simple beers with no additives. It all comes down to process and brewing mastery. Secondly, if you enter a beer you will also get to evaluate other people’s beers. Having clear guidelines makes it easier to determine how well a beer complies to the standards. You become better at tasting beer, and your feedback will help the brewer to brew an even better beer in the future. We all win!

List with accepted entries (check BJCP 2021 for style details)

This will be a BJCP style competition:

04C – Helles Bock
06C – Dunkles Bock
09A – Doppelbock
09B – Eisbock
10C – Weizenbock

We also accept Dutch style bokbier – which opens a whole can of worms. The only rules are that it needs to be at least 15.5 plato. Let’s crack that nut during our meeting 😉

Everyone can enter this competition; just show up with enough beer to enter. Aim bring at least 1,5L in any vessel you like, so we don’t need to resort to shot glasses As always, you don’t need to submit an entry to take part in the judging or attend the meeting.

Link to our competition rules:

Looking forward to trying some delicious bokbieren…

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