Homebrew competition: Short & Shoddy (ended)

//Update: 8 beers were presented, everyone had a very different approach to brewing, which makes for interesting beers!
This night’s winner was Pete with 18 shoddy points and 33,3 BJCP points, he brought a “Flanders Red” with raspberries. Congratulations Pete on winning and thank you all that competed and joined us in evaluating the beers!


You might be familiar with the Short & Shoddy series from Brülosophy. The idea is to brew a beer in the quickest time possible, cutting corners wherever possible.

The next competition will take place during our meeting on the 13th of June. Given the short timeframe and inspired by the Short & Shoddy series, the theme will be quick turnaround beers. Who can brew the best possible beer in the shortest amount of time?

The Rules
You can only start brewing after the next meeting on the 9th of May.
There are no restrictions on malt, adjuncts, herbs, spices etc.
Your entry must be submitted as a recognized (BJCP) style.
Date and time stamps are required (the more the better but at a minimum):
– When you start brewing (prep work that isn’t brewing is allowed i.e. weighing out grains or filling vessels with water. No cheating though, things like milling grains or preheating water are brewing!).
– When you pitch the yeast.
– When you start the transfer from the fermentor to a serving vessel.
Aim to bring at least 1.5L on the evening so we don’t have to resort to shot glasses.

Scoring (TBC at the May meeting):
Standard BJCP scoring – 50 points.
Quick turnaround – (4b-4a) fastest gets 5 points, 2nd fastest 4 points and so on down to 1 point.
Difficulty – the longer the style traditionally takes to make the more points awarded;
Lagered styles – 5 points.
>7% ABV – 4 points.
Specialty (e.g. smoked, “barrel” aged etc.) – 3 points.
Trappist styles – 2 points.
As always, you don’t need to submit anything to take part in the judging.

If not stated in the above rules, standard rules apply.

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