November meeting recap

Quick recap:
– 9 people attended
– 8 beers sampled

Despite the weather we had quite a big turnout this night, with 3 new faces!

Beers sampled:

Jorge’s pilsener
Rodrigo brought a pilsener brewed by Jorge, 4,3 percent alcohol, a nice starter for the evening.
Pete’s “Kölsch”
Not really a Kölsch , but brewed with Kölsch yeast K-79. The star of the show was the (mostly) centennial fresh hops!
Marlies’ pale ale
One of our new faces brought a Pale ale, based on the Sierra Nevada recipe.
Erwin’s koyt
Ye olde beer styles were well represented this evening, also made with fresh hops but notably more than half (?) malted oats!
Rob’s roggenbier
Another forgotten beer style with a respectable 41% rye malt.
Erwin’s Luiks bier
Also known as Biere de Liege, a beer with a high amount of spelt malt, fermented with LalBrew Farmhouse.
Pete’s IPA
More or less the same as the Kölsch, but boasting 600 gras of fresh hops in a 10 liter batch, impressive!
Erwin’s bockbier
This was the same helles bock he brought to the bock competition, still very tasty, even more crisp now?The second new face Hadrien brought a double IPA!

This was a very enjoyable night with lots of beer talk, it was great to see you all!

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