August 2018 meeting recap

Last night our August meeting took place and that means that the first homebrew competition has been done and dusted! There were a lot of firsts for FOEBAR: using our new beer score-sheets, getting alignment on how we judge beers, and figuring out how we serve entrants beers. We started with sampling a commercial example of an American Pale Ale to discuss how to score beers and discuss the style and traits. This really helped getting everyone on the same page and lead to some great questions and discussions.

What about the results? We had three official entrants after some last minute cancellations. Out of the three American Pale Ales sampled, Tom’s scored the highest. Congratulations Tom – eternal fame and glory is yours, until the next competition at least 😉 Another noteworthy American Pale Ale was Emiel’s. Unfortunately he skipped over the one hop restriction rule and that technically made it noneligible for the competition. It did receive the highest score of the evening, so we also tip our hat to Emiel for his fine brew.

Thank you for everyone that entered the competition. You should have received the scoresheets to help you improve even further on your beers. Our next homebrew competition takes place in November and is a Pumpkin Beer. Hope to see even more entries for this one.

We also had some other great beers which I hope I remember all correctly.

  • Elderflower saison
  • Dryhopped lager (our first lager entry!)
  • Dryhopped passionfruit sour
  • Passionfruit IPA
  • Rye Pale Ale
  • Blood orange (I think – it could also be grapefruit) IPA

And last, but certainly not least, some yummy bread and cookies baked with spent grains.

And finally we picked a date for collective brew at Erik’s in September! We’ve decided on Saturday 29 September. The idea is that we harvest fresh hops and use them straight away in a brew. People are encouraged to bring their own equipment and Erik very kindly offered a place to sleep for those that want to stay over. More on this in a seperate post / through our mailinglist!

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