Homebrew competition: less used malts & grains (ended)

//Update: This was the first full in-person competition held in Foeders since a long time! 7 beers were presented, and the ratings were high! The score difference between the first and last prize was only 5 points!
This night’s winner was Darren with 46,5 points, he brought a saison with 50% spelt malt! Congratulations Darren on winning and thank you all that competed and joined us in evaluating the beers!

For our next Foebar homebrew competition we will get creative with malts & grain! The challenge is to brew a beer with a less used malt or grain. To prevent us from going overboard with beers that have 25 specialty grains in them – the goal is to pick one less used specialty malt / grain and really make it shine in a beer. Think of spelt, rye, oats, quinoa, sorghum, unmalted grains, old types of grains, smoked/peated … you name it. You have full creative freedom, as long as your beer uses a specialty malt or grain. As is common for our creative challenges that is the only limitation that you will receive – your beer does not need to adhere to any style guides. In fact we challenge you to be bold in your choices!

We will evaluate the beers on the usual criteria (aroma / appearance / flavour / mouthfeel) but also on how well the beer exemplifies the chosen malt or grain. And a special mention to the brewer that managed to push the boundaries and creativity the most.

I encourage everyone to brew some bold beers – and I expect some really exciting beers to come out of this competition. As always we are an open homebrew group and invite everyone that is excited about this challenge to join us!

The homebrew competition will take place at Foeders on Tuesday October 25th.

Our FOEBAR competition rules apply and can be found here.

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