Secret Santa 2021 (Ended)

After the success of last year, the Secret Santa bottle swap is renewed for 2021! We are doing a distanced bottle swap so you can enjoy some homebrew over the holiday season.

You will hand in 1 beer per person that signs up, and in return you will get a full box of beers brewed by all the other participants, like a homebrew advent calendar 😉 If things allow we’ll get to meet up physically in January to discuss all the beers!

You can sign up here:

Please read the instructions first. If you have any questions please post them in this thread. 

How does it work?

1) Everyone can enter – to sign up please fill in the above form so we can establish the amount of participants. Registration closes October 31st, so please sign up before that!

2) You will be asked to drop off your homebrewed beers in a bottle / can / growler – equal to the amount of participants that signed up.

3) Package your beers in a way that is unique but does not give away who it’s from or what kind of beer it is. You can use special colour caps, make drawings, write letters on the cap, scarfs, artificial snow…

4) We will collect all the beers at a central collection point: Yaya Kombucha (Tom). Drop off your beers before the 14th of December, and Tom will distribute the beers in all the boxes and ship them out to you. The shipping costs will most likely be 10 euros.

5) Drink the beers during the Christmas period. We will send a feedback form to all participants that will let you guess the style, the abv, and give feedback.

6) We will have an in person meeting on the 11th of January (proposed date) to discuss all the beers and share our thoughts.

PS. It’s a good idea to bring three extra bottles, in case a box breaks or cannot be delivered.

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