Virtual borrel + Meet the brewer

Corona has made meeting up and sharing homebrew quite a challenge. Because homebrew meetings without sharing homebrewed beers are still fun but they were missing some magic. As a result we skipped some meetings in the past year.

Luckily it’s not all bad news. We’re very happy and proud of our Secret Santa bottle swap and our virtual competitions that took place last month. And these successes made us think about how we can still meet and learn about beer and brewing without getting together in a fun and engaging way.

We’re pleased to announce our very first virtual borrel and a meet the brewer session. Our first guestis Roel Wagemans, head brewer at Uiltje brewing company. Roel also has a brewing past at brewery ‘t IJ and at Jopen brewery. Of course we are thrilled to welcome this Dutch brewing royalty for our first edition!

Uiltje bieren bestellen? - Drankenhandel Nectar | Utrecht

This is the format we have in mind:

The virtual borrel is open for everyone that wants to attend and is held in English. The target audience is home brewers and those that want to discuss beer related topics a bit more indepth – but everyone is welcome to join. Foebar aims to be as open and inclusive as possible.

We will try to invite a guest that has a relation to beers and brewing. This can be a brewer, maltster, hop grower, distributor, cicerone, beer judge, laborant, etc. Based on their expertise we will try to make a list of topics, and ideally have some beers to accompany the chat; it’s a borrel after all.

Agenda for the first session

For our first session, taking place July 13th at 20:00 we have three topics, accompanied by three beers that Roel has a lot of knowledge of.

1. Jopen
Sample beer: Ongelovige Thomas
The topic of discussion: Recipe creation

2. ‘t IJ
Sample beers: Flink, Columbus or Struis (all brewed in Amsterdam / non-Duvel beers)
The topic of discussion: Importance of Yeast 

3. Uiltje Brewing 
Sample beer: Ysbreker (fresh)
The topic of discussion: Hops!

To not overly complicate things we ask you to buy the beers by Jopen and ‘t IJ in advance. They are relatively easily to find in supermarkets like Albert Heijn. If you have any issues finding them – please reach out to us.

The fresh sample beer by Uiltje is sourced by Roel and are looking at a good way to distribute them (most likely pick-up in Amsterdam region to keep cost down or we shipping by mail at small additional costs). We will communicate details on our e-mailgroup and Facebook page closer to the event.

You are welcome to join the session also without the beers, but you will be doing yourself a bit of a disservice as the beers will tell part of the story.

We hope that a lot of people can attend this session!

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