October meeting recap

October was another great meeting with a good turnout of people. For the first time we were joined by full-time professional brewers Todd (Poesiat & Kater) & Liam (Walhalla). This gave us a great opportunity to discuss some more nitty gritty details like how to use lactobacillus in our brews. Our group drew some attention from the regular Foeders crowd so we were joined later on some of them. 

Of course there were a lot of beers that could be sampled. Since I’m a bit late with updating I don’t have the best recollection, so don’t be angry if I did not mention your beer 😉

  • A Berliner Weisse
  • Witbier
  • Pumpkin spice dark ale
  • Westcoast IPA
  • An aged Orval clone (my personal favourite!)
  • Several Pale Ales and IPAs

November’s meeting will be a good one. It will be our second competition themed around Pumpkin. We also expect to sample some fresh hop brews from Eric (a Pale Ale and Koyt). Like always, we are open to all. You don’t need to be a beer expert to join us – come and say hi! 

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