Our December meeting is a bottle share

We are happy to call Foeders our home. Having a place that is welcoming and supportive of our group is awesome. Foeders allows us to bring and exchange our homebrewed beers.

To thank Yuri and Foeders for so generously hosting us we decided to organise a Foeders bottle share on Tueday 6 December 2022. I have asked Yuri to dig into the cellar to find us some weird and wonderful beers. The idea is that we have a bottle share – but instead of taking a bottle from home we buy them from Foeders. This way we can sample many excellent beers and support Foeders in the process.

If you are unable or unwilling to join in with such a bottle share you are still welcome to join us. Just order your beers from the tap and come sit and talk with us. Just know that there will be no homebrew sharing during this meeting. If you do not homebrew or are part of our regular visitors and just want to join for this bottle share you are also welcome of course. As always we are open for everyone to come and join us. 

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