Corona update

It will not come to a surprise that we as a group are also affected by the corona virus outbreak. In this post a short update on what this means and how you can stay in touch.

The most obvious effect of the measures is that we can’t meet in person until at least June 1. This means that we will have no meetings until that date. We will keep a close eye on the government policy to decide when it is safe to start meeting again.

It also affects the competition schedule. The lager competition that would take 14 April is officially cancelled. A lot of people have brewed a lager so we are looking to have this competition at a later date rather than cancel it completely. Our advice: hang on to some of your lager, drink it and brew a new one, drink that one as well and brew another one..

Another victim of the corona measures is Carnivale Brettanomyces. We had planned a brettanomyces competition to take place around the festival. This will also be postponed. I would still urge everyone that is keen to enter the competition to still brew a beer and let it age. Like the lager competition we are hoping to have this competition at a later date.

It’s not all bad news though. In our group we can see a surge in homebrew activity and chatter. Many people have a bit more time to brew or read up on brewing theory. This leads to a lot of interesting discussion and nice pictures of homebrewing and homebrewed beers. It might also be a good time for those that were on the fence to make the step to start homebrewing beer.

If you want to join in the fun join our mailing group. It’s a good place to ask questions, bounce of ideas, ask for help, or show off your homebrews. Another good place to check for updates is our Facebook group. We share information about meetings and competitions there.

As all things, this corona virus will pass. When it does we will start meeting again and we will start up our competition cycle again. We hope that everyone stays healthy and safe.

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