Homebrew Competition: Lager

For our next homebrew competition we go back to basics! You can brew any beer as long as the style is a lager!

We define lagers as all beers that are traditionally brewed with bottom-fermented yeasts. In general they are defined by being crisp and easy drinking. In the last years lagers have been making a comeback with those fed up with craft beers going in crazy directions (don’t check our previous competition please).

Even though we say this is a restricted style competition; there are loads of different styles of lagers. You can choose from a large range of beers to brew (listed below). This is the deal: you choose under which category your beer will be entered. People judging the beer will judge it against the style guide style. If you manage to make a pilsner with a top fermenting yeast – more power to you.

A litte guidance for those wanting to participate: if you want a bright and crispy lager you should brew a bit earlier than you normally would. A large part of the look and crispness comes from the process of lagering (keeping the beer at low temperatures for an extended time). Take this into account when planning your entry.

Also, even though temperature control and some water treatment are a good idea when brewing a lager – we have also seen great results with some shortcuts. Yeasts like California lager yeast get great results at room temperatures. Don’t let anything stop you brewing a great lager – you will be judged by the final process and not by your process.

The homebrew competition will take place at Foeders on Tuesday 14 April 2020.

Our FOEBAR competition rules apply and can be found here.

We have loads a number of members that can help you with taking your first steps into lagers! Need to help getting started? Want to get nerdy with water profiles? have questions? or just want to show off your progress? Join our message board / mailing list!

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