December meet takes place at Walhalla!

In December we will not meet at Foeders but at Walhalla Brewery and Taproom in Amsterdam Noord. The meeting takes place on Tuesday 10 December.

You are welcome to join us a bit earlier than normal (from about 19:00) and to bring your own food. There is a Jumbo supermarket close by and some good take-away options around. You can also have food delivered at the location. If you can’t make this time – join us at a time that better suits you. We’ve never been too strict with rules 😉

Like our regular meetings we encourage you to take some of your homebrewed beer with you. There will be good Walhalla beer available on tap. Also you can bring some bottles to share with you. It will be a celebration of beer and friendship.

If you are interested to join us you are very much welcome. We are open for people of all knowledge levels and backgrounds. So don’t be shy and come say hi!

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