Planet Oedipus beer festival

August 11, 2018 – August 12, 2018 all-day
NoordOogst Stadslandbouwproject
Meteorenweg 272
1035 RN Amsterdam

Planet Oedipus is a two day festival organised by Oedipus brewery.

This is how they describe the festival: At Planet Oedipus we bring together all the things we love: music, art, food and BEER of course. A weekend to celebrate and share all the good things in life and we want you to join us! Our line-up is pretty wild with (home-) brewers from different countries, food from all over the planet and music from outer space handpicked by Blip and Sugarfactory.

Expect a lot of good beer, music, and some homebrewers selling their beer. Some of our members will attend.

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